Mad Rumour Suggests Mac/iPad Hybrid is in the Works at Apple

By Gary Cutlack on at

There may soon be a new product category coming from Apple, if vague rumours are to be believed, with one source claiming Apple's planning to launch a 12-inch tablet that runs both iOS and a form of the desktop Mac OS.

The rumour comes from DigiTimes, which is right almost as many times as it is a million miles wrong, so treat it with caution. The possibility that Apple's been working on a monster "Pro" tablet has been mentioned many times before, though, so it doesn't require a huge leap of the imagination to think that this huge, business-aimed tablet could indeed support desktop apps or some sort of dual-boot option to give it an edge with the enterprise world.

Not that rich business people need any more incentives to whack the latest iPads on their expense accounts each year. [DigiTimes via The Register]