Massive Star Wars: Episode VII Concept Art Leak Hints at Plot Details

By Nick Cowen on at

*SPOILER ALERT* Read no further if you want next year's Star Wars film to be a total surprise.

Good morning Star Wars fanboys (and girls)! This is your lucky day as a boatload of concept art from the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII has been leaked on to the internet. Can your resist the urge to look away, saving yourselves from possible spoilers? Can you hell. Feast your eyes on the images below and see if you agree with our theories about what they contain.

First up there are couple of images that seem to depict a character known as ‘Kira’ – IMDB lists she’ll be played by Daisy Ridley – and the rumour mill has churned out the theory she may or may not be the offspring of a couple of characters from the original trilogy -- likely Leia and Han.

Then there’s some scenes from a desert planet – it could be Tatooine, but we’re willing to bet there’s more than one sandpit sphere in the galaxy far, far away (just no one mention Arakis, right?).

Along with landspeeders, there’s an image of a fallen AT-AT walker that seems to have been turned into someone’s makeshift abode. If anything it’s an indication that the Galactic Empire may have fallen on bad times.

Chewbacca is back and he seems to have lost an arm. There are also a couple of pics of the new-look stormtrooper and a picture of a bloke with cybernetic implants crawling up his spine and across his face as he enjoys a drink at a bar – possibly in Mos Eisley’s Cantina, possibly not.

If all of these pics aren’t enough for you head over to the source on imageshack you’ll see a ton more. We take no responsibility for you spoiling the novelty of the forthcoming film for yourself though. None. [Imageshack via io9]