Meet MatchStick: Mozilla's Firefox-Powered Chromecast Competitor

By Leslie Horn on at

At £25 RRP, Chomecast is a very good deal. But Mozilla thinks it can do a little better, with its own Firefox OS-based streaming stick, the MatchStick, which have recently sold out on Kickstarter at an introductory price of $12 (£7.40).

Even though the cheap early-bird versions have all gone, once it hits retail it will be $25, which translates to around £15 – still cheaper than a Chromecast (it will undoubtedly be shouldered with taxes and duty if sold in the UK, by how much remains to be seen). In fact, if you are really keen, you can claim one for $18 (£11.11). The project has gone over its $100,000 funding goal and aim to have products shipping in February 2015.

The Wi-Fi dongle plugs into your HDMI port like Chromecast or Roku streaming sticks. Then it will let you stream games, shows, and movies from your laptop or mobile device. It's all built on the open-source Firefox OS, and Mozilla says many of the apps you see now in its app store will be available in a planned MatchStick app store.

Translation: Mozilla is promising a tonne of content for not a tonne of cash. From the looks of it, it works like most every streaming stick we've seen, but with a better price and on an open OS. [MatchStick via CNET]