Netflix is Making Four Exclusive Movies with Adam Sandler

By Jamie Condliffe on at

As well as debuting the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon sequel, Netflix has some other big news: it's just signed a deal with famously overpaid actor Adam Sandler to fund and produce four of his movies that will run exclusively on the streaming service.

The four movies will be made by, and star, Sandler. There's no mention of these films ever making it into cinemas — and in fact, Sandler will continue to make movies with traditional studios at the same time — so instead they'll appear exclusively online. In a press release, Sandler explained why he agreed to the deal:

"When these fine people came to me with an offer to make four movies for them, I immediately said yes for one reason and one reason only….Netflix rhymes with Wet Chicks. Let the streaming begin!!!!"

Quite. Love or hate Sandler, it's a big name to be taken on by a relative upstart like Netflix. Clearly, the streaming company is embarking on a foray into the world of major motion pictures. [Re/code]