Nintendo Plans Bedside Health Monitor to Keep its Dwindling/Ageing Fans Alive

By Gary Cutlack on at

Not sleeping too well because of all the half-formed, angry GamerGate comments you've got swirling around in your head? Nintendo may soon be able to help, with the gaming company revealing that its first move into standalone health hardware will be some sort of bedside sleep monitor.

The device will sit there, watching you sleep, like a small stalker, offering advice when you wake up. Apparently sensitive enough to watch you breathe and count your heartbeat, it'll analyse the results and generate some probably quite useless advice the next day. Walk a bit more, it might say.

According to Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata, the Quality of Life Sensor will attempt to beat the modern menace of fatigue. Which is, ironically, often caused by having exciting gadgetry to play with on the bedside cabinet when you ought to be sleeping. [Nintendo via Eurogamer]