Oh My God This Games Console is Adorable

By Kotaku UK on at

Everything about this is small: the screen's less than an inch across, the resolution's 96 by 64 pixels and it costs £47. The whole thing's so cute if it was a dog it would wear a dress and live in a handbag.

Look at it:


This tiny gaming system is actually part of the TinyScreen Kickstarter, a continuation of the previously successfully backed TinyCircuits project, a set of interchangeable hobbyist  kit components.

The gaming kit can be yours if you go for the $75 (£47) backing option and gets you this, along with a version of Tiny Bird and Asteroids:


If that looks complicated then remember this is a snap together system of circuits and bits. Other options include a smart watch, streaming video screen and even a Google Glass-style eye piece. Those are just some of the preset configurations, with the open source nature of the system meaning anyone who knows what they're doing can create anything.

Check out the Kickstarter video to see the console and the rest in action:

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