"OK Google" Voice Search Coming to Third Party Android Apps

By Gerald Lynch on at

Give those fingers a rest -- the ability to search through your apps on an Android tablet or smartphone using the "OK Google" voice command is about to get a lot more extensive.

Google is making it easier for developers to integrate the search function into their third-party apps. As detailed over on the Android Developer's Blog, devs need only add a few lines of code to the AndroidManifest.xml to activate the feature.

Once that's been put in place, users can use the "OK Google" command from anywhere on the phone to explore an app's content, so long as hot-word detection is active. In other words, straight from your homescreen you could feasibly state "OK Google, search for Avengers 2: Age of Ultron on IMDB" to have the IMDB app open and jump straight to information on Marvel's superhero sequel.

It's ready to go now for devs, with only a few restrictions in place. Handsets and tablets must be running Android Jelly Bean or newer, while the commands will initially only work in English-language apps. [Android Developer's Blog]