One-Off Induction Charger Makes Art of iPhone

By Gary Cutlack on at

Here's an iPhone charger you won't be buying off eBay for £1.99 via China any time soon, one that's described as an "interactive frame, charger and clock" according to its designer.

The inductive charger known as Spira uses thermochromic paint to alter its background display while the phone's charging, with the screen of the docked phone rotating to match the surrounding images. It needs a special inductive case and you can't use it while it's charging; that's the price you pay for art. Here it is:

As with all art, it's probably saying something about bankers being evil. The ticking seconds represent money passing from our hands to theirs. The clock hands are the grasping hands of business that steal away our lives via the 9-5 working day. The black paint is the matted blood of the common man driven to the wall by the greed of corporations.

Or maybe it's just an idea for a pretty clock. [FastCo]