Report: Apple Pay to Launch in the US Next Week

By Chris Mills on at

According to a leaked Walgreens memo seen by MacRumors, Apple Pay will go live for the US pharmaceutical giant on October 18th. Given that Walgreens was listed as an Apple Pay launch partner, that could well mean that Apple Pay will go live in the US in just seven days time.

The date makes sense, as this Thursday (October 16th) is Apple's iPad event, which would also be a logical time to announce the roll-out of Apple Pay. A Saturday launch is perhaps a little unusual, but then again, weekends are the biggest shopping days at the majority of retailers, so it's not entirely outside the bounds of reason. Still, this entire premise is built on one photo of an alleged internal memo, so it could just as easily be a bored 14-year-old trolling the internet for the lulz.

As a reminder this is only for the US, Apple Pay itself isn't due to launch in the UK until next year at the very earliest. But, at least we'll see whether or not the system is a resounding success, or a colossal failure. [Mac Rumors]