Report: Beats Music Will Fold Into iTunes as Music Sales Plummet 

By Mario Aguilar on at

The Wall Street Journal reports digital music sales in Apple's iTunes will be down 13 to 14 per cent in 2014. That's a huge hit to the recording industry's brightest spot.

As the recording industry has flailed since illegal music downloads basically made paying for music optional, iTunes has helped slow the haemorrhaging. But since streaming music took off a few years ago, digital music sakes have started to decline as well. Why the heck would you buy, when a £10 month subscription gets you basically all the music in the world?

According to the WSJ, Apple plans to relaunch Beats Music next year as part of iTunes, which might help generate a little revenue. It might help, but it won't make as much as downloads cash cow. No word if Apple will try to leverage the resurrection of vinyl to its advantage. [WSJ]