Rumour: A Touchscreen 12-Inch Slimline MacBook Has Hit the Production Line

By Gerald Lynch on at

The rumours around the alleged 12-inch MacBook in the works at Cupertino get juicier and juicier by the day. First, we were told that it'd be even slimmer than the current MacBook Air thanks to a fanless design but significantly more powerful, and then that Apple would be putting it out in a range of colours too. Now supply chain sources are suggesting it may also come equipped with a touch-enabled Retina display.

Quanta Computers is said to have entered production of the device in limited quantities, with production to ramp up going into November. Were the rumours to prove true, you'd be unlikely to find one of these sitting under your Christmas tree then, with the same sources pointing towards a 2015 release. There may be an element of crossed wires here though -- a touchscreen MacBook could be prohibitively expensive, and would cannibalise iPad sales. It may be more likely that both a slimline MacBook and a larger iPad Pro may be in development.

Apple last night revealed its Autumn showcase would take place next week on October 16th. While an early Spring launch would be more in line with Apple's usual computing unveilings, it's possible we could see a Mac Pro/Apple Watch style sneak-peek in the coming days. [DigiTimes via MacRumors]