Rumour: The Nexus 6 Will Break Cover This Month

By Gerald Lynch on at

Motorola's 6-inch "Shamu" smartphone has been hard to miss these past few months. A whopper of a phone (suitably named after the world's most famous whale) it's been the subject of numerous leaks, with many predicting it will be the next of Google's Android reference designs, making it the Nexus 6. The sheer volume of leaks suggests that it'll be on its way soon, and that's seemingly been confirmed by the Wall Street Journal, whose sources are pointing towards an official release for the phone before October has breathed its last.

While there's no precise release date suggested, October 31st (or Halloween, if you're feeling morbidly festive) marks one year since the superb Nexus 5 was revealed. So could we see a similarly timed push for its successor? If you remember correctly, Google made no fanfare around its release, simply pushing it live onto the Google Play store and letting the web do its marketing job for it. Sitting just after iPhone 6 launch hype has died down and just as that Christmas urge to splurge cash kicks in, it's looking a likely launch window. [WSJ]