Rumour: The Nexus 9, Motorola-Built Nexus 6 and Android L Will Launch Today

By Gerald Lynch on at

"YOU DON'T HAVE A MONOPOLY ON THE THIRD WEEK OF OCTOBER, APPLE", a Google executive probably shouted at some point in the recent past. With Apple expected to launch new iPads (and maybe a new Apple TV) on Thursday, Google is said to be looking to beat its rivals to the punch by launching a new tablet and phone alongside the latest version of its operating system today.

According to Forbes, the long-awaited Nexus 9 tablet -- thought to be built by HTC and going under the codename Volantis -- will appear alongside Motorola's Nexus 6, aka the oversized "Shamu". The Nexus 9 will become the first device to run Android L, the brand-spanking new version of Google's operating system, and will launch alongside the Nexus 6 via a low-key blog post from Google, in much the same way last year's Nexus 5 was revealed.

While the Forbes source was light on additional details for the Nexus 6, it had plenty to say on what to expect from the Nexus 9. Equipped with an 8.9-inch display running at a sharp 2048 x 1440 resolution, it'll come complete with a 64-bit dual-core processor, Nvidia Kepler GPU and 8MP rear-facing camera. A brushed aluminium frame rather than an all-metal body has been chosen for a more cost-effective design, while an "origami" magnetic folding stand / case will also be available for the tablet. Apparently up for pre-order from October 17th, the 16GB version of the tablet will cost $399 (£248 if directly converted to Great British Quids) while a 32GB LTE version will sell for $499 (£309). [Forbes]