Samsung's Made Rollable Batteries That Can Fit Into a Watch Strap

By Jamie Condliffe on at

Wearables: they're great, apart from the fact that batteries last about five minutes. Samsung, though, may have a solution: it's just announced a new type of battery which is so flexible that it can be rolled up into a hoop.

The announcement, made at InterBattery 2014 in Seoul claims that the new style of battery can work even when it's rolled up into the shape of a paper cup. While details are scant, according to a report by G for Games, the new flexibility apparently stems from changes in structural design and improved materials.

It may be a little early to get too excited though: these things certainly aren't ready for the masses yet. Indeed, the reliability of the cells is apparently still low, which suggests that even if they do work when deformed, that performance doesn't last for long.

G for Games says that "reports claim that the units will be commercially available within the next three years". But three years is a long time in tech; flying cars could well arrive by then. [G for Games]

Image by Tizen Indonesia