Scroguard Latex Thong Contraceptive Could be Renamed "Celibacy Pants"

By Gerald Lynch on at

Love sex, but hate all that skin-on-skin contact? If you're a member of that tiny niche of people who can answer that question with a resounding "YES" then, wow, do we have a treat for you.

Introducing the "Scroguard", latex underwear that is intended to give you greater peace of mind during your sexual encounters by reducing crotch-based contact with another person's naughty bits. It is, essentially, a rubber sex nappy.

Scroguard itself admits that the underwear is "not a medical device and is not intended for use in the mitigation or prevention of disease". But I beg to differ. I have 100 per cent faith in the Scroguard's ability to prevent sexually transmitted diseases -- insist in wearing one of these and you'll probably struggle to find someone willing to have sex with you ever again.

Feast your eyes on the official informercial below. A pair costs $19.99 (£12.50), sick-bag not included. [Metro]