Selfies Spread Head Lice, Warns Russian Government Agency

By Gerald Lynch on at

Selfies don't only help narcissistic urges to breed and spread, they also make it easy for head lice to infest people too. That's according to a bizarre report by Russia's Kursk regional department of Rospotrebnadzor, which claims that the way selfie takers gather with their heads together to fit into the frame of an arm's reach shot encourages the bugs to jump from person to person.

There's some sense to it I suppose -- proximity does help the spread of head lice. But the same could be said of sharing a bed with a spouse, using cramped public transport -- heck, even getting a haircut. Unless all the young selfie snappers of Russia are already infested, there's nothing to say that gathering around for a photo is any worse than just hanging with your pals without taking group shots. Still, Rospotrebnadzor isn't exactly a department afraid of making an odd claim or two -- its former head suggested killing off crows entirely would be a good move, calling them "feathered wolves" that spread bird flu. [BBC]

Image Credit: Selfie (modified) from Shutterstock