Sky Throws Money at Online Video Aggregator Pluto.TV

By Gary Cutlack on at, a site that pulls together online TV streams into channels and generates stats about their popularity, has a new number one fan, with our satellite overlord Sky investing $500,000 (£310k) in the streaming service.

Sky says the deal was done because it's a fan of the way Pluto can "help viewers discover and enjoy the best of online TV through an intuitive and editorially rich TV platform," making it sound like the tech behind it could be seen as the future of its own slightly cumbersome Sky Go platform. It's also a good a way to get endless Minecraft videos up and surrounded by adverts, which is, sadly, the future of all TV.

Meanwhile, Pluto's happy about getting some contacts inside a massive content provider that could help it scale up and make a bigger name for itself around the world.