Spotify Family Lets You Have Five Listeners on One Bill at Last

By Matt Hill on at

One household all getting its individual media fixes under the same user profile can still be part and parcel of the modern, "entertainment as service" condition unless tackled in a suitably integrated way (thank you Netflix).

So music streaming site/app/behemoth Spotify getting in on the multiple-user action, with its new Family feature letting up to five – you guessed it – family members have their own profiles under one monthly bill, including all the personalised playlists and curated radio stations they can swing a soundbar at, is definitely a step forward.

Indeed, Ken Parks, chief content officer at Spotify, reckons it's "one of the most asked for features from our audience". Good good.

However, unlike Netflix, which hands you up to five user profiles per account without any additional coughing up to do, Spotify Family is actually just a financial merging of the separate accounts – so additional, if somewhat discounted, fees will apply.

While Spotify's ad-free Premium subscription sets you back £9.99 a month, Spotify Family, which will see an international rollout over the coming weeks, is set to run you £14.99 for two accounts, £19.99 for three, or £24.99 for four or five. Which amounts to a 50 per cent discount on additional accounts up to four, at which point Spotify is clearly so made up at your outlay that it just chucks in the last one for freemans.

So: who in your house is getting the bill for that little lot, then? [CNET]