Standing on Trains for More Than 20 Minutes is "Unacceptable" Says MP

By Gary Cutlack on at

Tory MP and Rail Minister Claire Perry decided to do her own little tribute to Michael Portillo, by travelling on some of the UK's most packed rail lines at their busiest times. Her shock findings were that it's not particularly pleasant and many peak trains are too packed to get on.

Perry said that: "Passengers in many cases do not feel they are getting value for money. They are travelling on crowded, slow trains and cannot understand why timetables get messed up and the whole resilience of the network can go down if we have a fatality."

As for having to stand unreasonably close to someone for the entirety of your trip, Perry said 20 minutes ought to be the most your legs have to endure, saying: "There is a very strong expectation that nobody who is travelling for more than 20 minutes should be standing beyond that point."

Perhaps start dishing out standing refunds then? [BBC]