Star Wars: Episode VII is Almost Ready to Wrap Filming

By Gerald Lynch on at

Well, that was quick! Finishing more swiftly than a pod race, Star Wars: Episode VII is said to be less than three weeks away from completing filming.

Fitting then that it was at London's new Industrial Light and Magic studio that Lucasfilm director Kathleen Kennedy told the Guardian the news -- the site where a year's worth of gruelling post-production special effects work is about to begin, bringing the film's sci-fi universe to life.

Even Harrison "break-a-leg" Ford could't slow the speedy shoot -- the Han Solo actor almost threw the shooting schedule massively off course when part of the Millennium Falcon set reportedly crushed bones in his ankle.

Set to be released on December 18th, 2015, a smattering of rumours aside, very few leaks surrounding Episode VII's plot and design have hit the web compared to other productions of this size. [Guardian]