Steve McQueen and Analogue Synths Together in a Music Video

By Robert Sorokanich on at

There are few things I love in life more than Steve McQueen movies. And there's nothing else out there that sounds like analogue synthesider music. So when my Giz co-worker Andrew Liszewski turned me on to this TRS-80 music video combining the two, I couldn't take my eyes or ears off it.

The footage, for those of you living un-righteous lives, is from McQueen's 1971 movie Le Mans. This movie is required watching for any car fan, 106 minutes of true-life racing footage peppered with roughly 42 seconds (total) of dialog and plot. The music is TRS-80's "Formula '71," dripping with the weird retro-future sound of first-generation synthesisers.

What a heady combination. I can't stop watching. Or listening.