Sugar Puffs are No More as Cereal Maker Changes Name for Healthier Image

By Gerald Lynch on at

It's Choco Krispies 2.0. Cereal maker Halo Foods is to change the name of Sugar Puffs to "Honey Monster Puffs" in an attempt to make its sweet breakfast food more appealing to health conscious parents. Because we all know there's no sugar in honey, right?

On supermarket shelves since 1957, the rebranded Sugar Puffs will have 20 per cent more honey slathered all over them. Though sugar levels in the cereal have dropped by a third in the past decade, health experts have claimed that replacing it with increased amounts of honey isn't much better an alternative, as the body metabolises both the same way. Regardless, Sugar Puffs are one of the less-sugary cereals out there -- Coco Pops and Frosties each have an astonishing 12g of sugar per average bowl portion (a third of each cereal's weight).

As part of the £15 million relaunch (arguably an extravagant amount, seeing as Sugar Puffs sales have dropped 16 per cent to £14.4 million in the past year), a new "traffic light" nutritional guidance system will be added to the cereal's packaging, letting parents know just how much sugar they're pumping through Little Timmy's veins.

If you want to object to the Sugar Puffs name change (as any right-minded heritage cereal lover should) contact Halo Foods here.