Surrey Sheep Found and Ate £4,000 Worth of Cannabis

By Tom Pritchard on at

Nellie Budd, manager of Fanny's Farm in Surrey, was in for a big shock one morning when she went to investigate why the sheep were stumbling around and making strange noises. Originally thinking someone had dumped some rubbish in the field, she found the sheep had actualy made their way through seven bags of cannabis -- valued at around £4,000.

Speaking to The Mirror, Budd said:

"At first I thought it was someone’s hedgerow rubbish. I went down to collect the bags so the sheep weren't eating black plastic. When I got there I realised it was a form of herbal cannabis plant. They were very strong in scent. I have no idea how they got there. It’s right next to a road and the footpath is quite open."

Police took away the remainder of the drugs, but admitted that there could be a problem determining where they came from because the sheep ate so much of the evidence. The sheep apparently don't seem to be suffering from any negative side-effects, but it's possible that they did start craving a serious amount of junk food in the aftermath. [The Mirror via Metro]

Featured image: Kreuzschnabel via Wikimedia Commons