Take a Sneak Peek Behind the Science of Interstellar

By Adam Clark Estes on at

Wired just published a meaty feature on Kip Thorne and the science behind Interstellar. Thorne, one of the world's most celebrated theoretical physicists, worked with director Christopher Nolan to ensure that depictions of things like black holes and wormholes would be accurate in the film. And also spectacular.
We're excited about Interstellar, which opens in cinemas on November 4th. It's not just another space movie. Aside from getting the standard Christopher "My Movies Make Your Eyes Melt" Nolan treatment, this film portrays a near future that is horrifyingly realistic enough to make you want to know everything about insane ideas like time travel and wormholes. And you can hear the excitement in Kip Thorne's voice, when he talks about how helped the film-makers explain it all. [Wired]

Top image via Sploid / Video via Wired