Tesla's Model D Secret Machine May be Simply Another High-End Car

By Gerald Lynch on at

Sorry to disappoint you, but if you were hoping for a teleporter or a jetpack from Tesla's secret "D" project (or at least a self-driving car), the reality is looking a bit more down to Earth.

Tesla Motors Club forum member Adelman has spotted the above set of wheels out in the wild, apparently an unannounced Model S P85D -- note the "D" hanging on the end there. Going by the name and the look of it, it's likely another high-end variant on Tesla's EV, but with all-wheel drive and a dual motor that will also feature in the forthcoming Model X SUV. At the very least it'll be a bit more powerful when it comes to taking on more treacherous terrain.

Still, there may be more exciting things in the pipeline from Tesla, and not necessarily all that far away into the future. Speaking to CNN, CEO Elon Musk revealed that the company is working on a car that would "probably be 90 per cent capable of autopilot" so that "90 percent of your miles could be on auto. For sure highway travel."

Tesla would achieve this by kitting the car out with a suite of image-recognition cameras and sensors, including ultrasonics and radars.

"Other car companies will follow ... Tesla is a Silicon Valley company. I mean, if we're not the leader, then shame on us." [Jalopnik, CNN]