Testmodo: We Need Four Readers to Review Hive

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Following the ongoing success of the last time we anointed Giz readers as reviewers and let them loose on the hottest new gadget, we’ve another chance for you to put some cutting-edge tech under the microscope. And what better tech to be testing as the era of the smart home takes off, and a typically British winter edges near, than Hive Acting Heating, the ever-so-clever smart thermostat system from British Gas? But hurry, you’ve only got till the end of Tuesday 4th November to apply…

What is Testmodo?

A chance for Gizmodo readers to get their hands on the latest gadgetry and review it for the site, no less. Four readers will receive a full Hive Active Heating system by British Gas installed to review for Gizmodo, including the Thermostat, Receiver and Hub, by Friday 21st November. Each reader will be expected to write four short reviews over the following month, focusing on installation and setup, heating and hot water scheduling, app functionality, and finally an overall summary of their thoughts on the device.

It doesn't matter if you consider yourself a super tech blogger, have never reviewed technology before, or don't even consider yourself a strong writer. Giz's editors will be there helping you out every step of the way.

How do I enter?

Either drop us a line at giztestmodo@gmail.com with the subject line "Hive" or leave a comment on this post before the final hour of Tuesday 4th November. Whichever your communication method, be sure to add a sentence or two on why you should be chosen, and if you want to go the extra mile, please include your Twitter handle and a link to your blog or YouTube account if you have one. Why do we request this of you? So readers can follow your behind-the-scenes thoughts on Hive as you test it, using our #testmodohive hashtag.

Readers need to live in England, Scotland or Wales, own their own home and not be planning to venture too far away from it for the weeks of November 10th to December 19th to enter. You will also need to be able to make yourself available for a British Gas engineer to visit and set you up, and need the following tech at home in full working order:

  • Gas central heating with boiler

  • Broadband with a spare router Ethernet port and spare plug socket nearby

  • A smartphone or tablet (iOS 6.0+ or Android 2.3+)

For the full rundown of requirements, check here.

What's in it for me?

Perhaps you have a calling to become a gadget reviewer. Perhaps you want to impress your peers by getting a rather cutting-edge, app-controlled £199-worth smart thermostat that can save you £150 a year on bills for nothing. Or maybe you just want to lord it over your Giz peers by bagging a byline on the site. Whatever's driving you to enter, do so now -- you have until Tuesday.

How are the four readers chosen?

A shortlist of 10 entrants will be picked at random on Wednesday November 5th, with the final four participants being chosen by a panel of three judges from British Gas, Gizmodo UK, and an independent party.

The four participants will be required to comply with Future's standard competition T&Cs, which can be viewed here and British Gas’s T&Cs, which can be viewed here, before we book the installation. In addition to these, readers should note that their personal data will only be seen by the judging panel.

Updated: Thank you everyone who emailed or left a message, entry to this Testmodo has now closed. The successful applicants will be contacted in due course.