The 13 Megapixel HTC One M8 Eye Exists! (In China)

By Matt Hill on at

Some people were so confident that HTC had a One M8 Eye up its sleeve that even this week's unveiling of the Desire Eye wouldn't cease their mutterings. Well, those slaves to dogged tech persistence have been proven right by this ad on the HTC China store – as it is, indeed, a One M8 Eye. Fancy that.

Reportedly only available to Asian markets, the main change is the dumping of the four "UltraPixel" rear camera from the old One M8. In its place is the new 13-megapixel number shown off on the Desire Eye, which will be good news for those of you not down with HTC's one-upping, non-standard tech (and we know there's a few of you).

Personally, we quite liked the public sidestepping of megapixels as the be-all of phone camera tech – any way of educating the masses that it just means how big you can print your pictures out is OK with us. But hey, choice is a wonderful thing – as would be a UK release, Mr HTC… [Engadget Chinese via Engadget]