The Apple Products Most Overdue for an Update

By Kelsey Campbell-Dollaghan on at

Well, it's official: Apple is holding an event on Oct 16th that will reportedly air out its stale iPad. But as they often do, the invitation to the event included a cryptic tagline: "It's been way too long.

Taken at face-value, it's simply a note about how long it's been since Apple released a new iPad (about a year). But these little taglines often hint at deeper, hidden meanings. In this case, it seems likely that Apple may be teasing another refresh for a long-overdue product line. So what are the most likely contenders? With help from the excellent MacRumors buyers guide, we took a look at the Apple products that have gone the longest without a new model.

1,119 Days: Thunderbolt Displays

The Apple Products Most Overdue For an Update

It's been a long time since Apple updated its Thunderbolt display: more than three years, in fact. It's possible that a new Thunderbolt — perhaps even a retina one! — could be in our future, though we probably shouldn't expect it given that displays aren't usually given quite this much attention.

945 Days: Apple TV

The Apple Products Most Overdue For an Update

The next oldest song in Apple's book, Apple TV, is also a difficult one to predict. We've seen Apple working steadily towards new software and app updates, but the hardware has been the same for quite some time. We could see a new version next week, especially as Apple's smart home ambitions grow.

715 Days: Mac Mini

The Apple Products Most Overdue For an Update

It's been almost exactly two years since Apple last updated its super-cheap, super-simple little computer. Considering the updates it's given its other desktop models, this baby is long overdue for some love.

393 Days: iPod Nano

iPods have definitely taken a bit of a back seat in the last few years, with small updates coming with little fanfare. As MacRumors points out, there have been "no credible rumours about the future of the iPod nano, and it remains unclear what Apple's plans are for the line". Of course the iPod classic was recently killed off, so there's no chance of seeing that; the iPod Touch was given a revamp 105 days ago, slimming the chances of a big reveal for that.

330 Days: iPad Mini

The Apple Products Most Overdue For an Update

Sure, we got a retina update to the iPad Mini last year. But given that Apple is probably planning a design update to the iPad Air, it's possible that the Mini will also get a few updates, like Touch ID.

341 Days: iPad Air

The Apple Products Most Overdue For an Update

Again, it's only been a year—but today, we saw an alleged dummy model of the new iPad Air leak online, so it seems likely we'll get a revamp next week.

293 Days: MacPro

The Apple Products Most Overdue For an Update

Apple's overhaul of the Mac Pro last autumn makes it fairly unlikely that it'll be on the list of updated products, outside of a possible spec bump.

162 Days: MacBook Air

The Apple Products Most Overdue For an Update

This spring, we saw the MacBook Air get a little update and a price cut. But don't let that deceive you; it's more than likely there's a new MacBook Air with a retina display in our future; the question is whether that future is next week or next year.

112 Days: iMac

The Apple Products Most Overdue For an Update

Likewise, it's only been a few months since the last iMac upgrade — but we'll more than likely get majorly overhauled model next week with Retina screens that will be welcomed by anyone who sits in front of one all day.

Lead image: Michael Hession.