The Archos VR Headset is Scarier Than the Games You'll Play on It

By Nick Cowen on at

If you’ve ever fancied having the Virtual Reality (VR) experience on your mobile phone – and let’s face it: who hasn’t? – then French tech company Archos is the answer to your slightly odd prayers.

For an outlay of £25 you can pick up its new plastic VR Headset – which is basically a variant of Google Cardboard – and turn your smartphone into a VR piece of entertainment – provided its screen is 6-inches or less and it’s running on iOS, Android, or Windows.

The Archos VR headset doesn’t come armed with its own set of internal sensors – unlike the Oculus Rift – and instead runs off the smartphone it’s been twinned with. While we’ve never personally wanted to play games on a smartphone in 3D, we suppose that watching a movie or video on a long haul flight might be fun – provided your seatback has a USB port or your smartphone has extraordinary battery life.

Archos recommends an HD screen with 1080p and a phone with a quad-core processor for optimum results. Its headset goes on sale in November. If it sells well you may see a lot of commuters on the Tube who look like they’re starring in a Johnny Mnemonic sequel.