The BBC is Publishing a List of the Articles Removed From Google Searches

By Tom Pritchard on at

The EU court's decision to make Google consider a person's 'right to be forgotten' has been controversial for a number of reasons, particularly among journalists and the media. Requests by EU citizens has led to articles from news organisations across the world being removed from search results.The BBC is going to make sure they aren't lost to the depths of the internet by publishing a list of articles removed due to the policy.

Back in May the European Court of Justice decreed that search results containing "inadequate, irrelevant or no longer relevant" information on a person should be removed from specific Google searches if that person requests it. But according to BBC editorial policy head David Jordan the corporation feels that some articles were wrongly hidden, adding that greater consideration should be given to the public's "right to remember".

The first version of the list will apparently be published within the next few weeks, and will include links to the original articles rather than republishing them. So far the BBC has been notified of 46 links that have been removed from search results, and the list will be updated as it receives information on other links that have been taken down.

Jordan also criticised Google's approach since, despite the fact organisations are informed of any takedown requests, there is no formal appeals process. He cited a recent case where news of the trial of members of the Real IRA was removed from search results, and even after two of the people on trial were convicted it was impossible to find their names. Jordan said, "It seems to us to be difficult to justify this in the public's interest."

It seems that while these links and articles will not be present in Google searches, the BBC is making sure they won't be forgotten. [BBC News]