The iPad Air 2 Has Some Super-Fast Guts (Even if the Rest of it is Familiar)

By Gerald Lynch on at

So, last week's iPad launch was a little underwhelming. The iPad Mini 3 is practically identical to last year's model, with the lone addition of a Touch ID scanner. And while the iPad Air 2's new anti-reflective screen is praise-worthy, in terms of industrial design it's a less significant jump than that seen with the introduction of the original iPad Air. But that's looking only skin deep -- in the case of the iPad Air 2, it's real beauty may lie within.

The iPad Air 2's A8X processor, going by new benchmarks posted by iPhoneBenchmark, seems very impressive. Confirming that the iPad Air 2 makes use of 2GB of RAM and a 1.5GHz triple-core processor, the newest tablet pulls in a score of 69,059 -- thoroughly trouncing the 44,299 iPhone 6 and 37,868 iPad Air. They're stats that match up with findings from the GeekBench testing system too. While benchmarking scores rarely correlate to noticeable real-world user experience improvements, it seems the A8X chip is fairly future-proofed -- handy considering Apple's recent push for 64-bit applications.[iPhoneBenchmark, GeekBench via BGR via TechRadar]