The Natural History Museum Wanted Nessie Killed and Sent to London

By Gary Cutlack on at

A shock plan back in the 1930s saw the Natural History Museum issue an order to have Nessie killed and brought back to England, with one museum official asking bounty hunters to forget their moral values and shoot the monster on sight so its corpse could be displayed for the merriment of the London elite.

The order, supposedly issued by an unnamed official in correspondence from 1934, said: "Should you ever come within range of the ‘monster’ I hope you will not be deterred by humanitarian considerations from shooting him on the spot and sending the carcass to us in cold storage, carriage forward. Short of this, a flipper, a jaw or a tooth would be very welcome."

Edinburgh's Royal Scottish Museum wrote to their southern counterparts the same year, stressing their right to pickle the monster, should it ever be speared or netted by a lucky hunter. [Independent]

Image credit: Loch Ness from Shutterstock