The RMT Union Reckons the New Tube Design is "Lethal"

By Gerald Lynch on at

While the new air-conditioned tubes, revealed today by Transport for London and designers PriestmanGoode, will keep you safe from heat stroke in those sweltering summer months, according to some we'd still be safer with the old designs. The RMT Union has called the new trains "lethal", fearing that once they ditch an onboard driver, passenger's lives will be at the mercy of automated systems.

"RMT has made it clear repeatedly that any moves towards the lethal and cash driven nonsense of removing drivers on London Underground would be resisted through the most robust industrial and political campaign of opposition," Mike Cash, general secretary of the union told the BBC.

"Deeply concerned" by today's announcement, the RMT are currently embroiled in talks with London Mayor Boris Johnson and Transport for London over possible strike action. As well as potential job cuts from the introduction of driverless trains, they plan to fight against the closure of manned ticket offices. The strike is currently slated to take place next week, between the evenings of Tuesday 14th of October and Thursday 16th of October. [BBC]