These The League of Gentlemen Vinyl Toys Will Make Perfectly Creepy Halloween Decorations

By Gerald Lynch on at

You might not be able to buy them in a local shop, for local people (yet!) but these Vinyl The League of Gentlemen toys are amazing. And suitably creepy, even in caricature form -- pop these in the window and those seven year old trick or treaters will go running on Halloween night.

They've been put together by Evil Corp, which is looking to get them put into large scale production -- provided there's an audience for them. Head over to the Evil Corp Facebook page and, if enough of you show your support, they'll open up a Kickstarter campaign to get a line funded.

They've made a whole load of other different figures too, which I've popped into the bottom of the post. I will give all the monies in the world to get the Reeves and Mortimer ones made. But can you name them all, and which film or TV show they've come from? Answers at the source, but no cheating now. [Evil Corp]