This Bandsawed Cityscape Table Will Turn Your World Upside Down

By Matt Hill on at

Furniture maker-cum-sculptor James McNabb is pretty handy with a bandsaw and some repurposed wood. What you're looking at is what he likes to call "urban woodworking".

"I compare my style of rapid bandsaw mark-making to the fast-paced nature of spray-can art," McNabb tells Colossal about his free-hand creations that, to us, look half Dark City metropolis, half Dalí let loose in an IKEA warehouse store. Which is good, obviously.

Alas, this isn't actually a working table, it's instead an ornate artwork that simply resembles one, so we won't be ordering it for the office just yet.

McNabb is showing it alongside other similarly city-inspired designs as part of his Metros collection at the Robert Fontaine Gallery in Miami till October 28th. Resisting the urge to turn it upside down and let the cat play King Kong… [Colossal]