This Carpet-Covered Sofa is Uncomfortable Brilliance

By Chris Mills on at

If you're like me, the thought of a carpet with a giant kink in it is the kind of thing that keeps you awake late at night, sweaty-palmed and slightly nervous. That's why I'm not entirely sure if I could live with this carpet-kink sofa, even if it is a clever piece of design.

The brainchild of Italian designer Alessandro Isola, this carpet has a carbon-fibre structure covered with padding, which creates ridges about the right height for seating at one end, and lying down Victorian call-girl style at the other. There's also a book shelf at the tall end, so that you can pretend that this giant creation is actually practical.

This Carpet-Covered Sofa Is Uncomfortable Brilliance

Of course, there's nothing as mundane as a pricetag attached — but, if you've got an apartment big (and stylish) enough for this particular sofa, money probably isn't an issue. [Alessandro Isola via Fubiz]