This is Why Most British Homes Have Rubbish Hot and Cold Water Taps

By Gerald Lynch on at

We may have the best plug design in the world, but our two-tap plumbing systems are a bit backwards. You can have whatever water temperature you like coming out of the pipes, so long as it's either freezing or boiling.

YouTube fact-finder Tom Scott explains why British houses rarely have the "mixer" taps that our international friends usually have installed as standard.

It all comes down to overall house design in Britain, with many having a cold water storage tank that exists independently from the mains plumbing. In many cases this also feeds a hot water tank and in older builds could well be left open to the elements for birds to poop in or rats to splash about with their little lilos on. As a result, this isn't safe for drinking, and cant be running through the same taps. [YouTube]

Image Credit: Classic Water Tap from Shutterstock