This Juicy Burger is Actually Completely Vegetarian

By Casey Chan on at

If the patty looks like meat, if it bleeds like meat and if it sizzles like meat... the patty can somehow be a plant-based vegetarian burger, just like the cheeseburger above. It's called the Impossible Cheeseburger and it's completely made from plants.

You don't even have to eat a veggie burger to know that most veggie burgers suck. Even if you find a good veggie burger, it doesn't quite recreate the same visceral taste of eating a burger. The "meat" doesn't act like meat, it's either too bouncy or too tasteless or not bloody enough. A veggie burger can be good, sure, but it's never as a good as a burger.

From the sounds of it, the Impossible Cheeseburger might be able to recreate that burger feeling. The WSJ says:

But the bites still have the consistency of animal tissue. It isn't overly spongy like tofu, instead the meat granules cling together, as one would expect in a burger.

It is somewhere between beef and turkey, an assessment shared by Samir Kaul, a general partner at Khosla Ventures, a backer of Impossible Foods, who describes it as "better than a turkey burger." But what's wild about eating Impossible's burger, is that unmistakable, yet hard to define, sensation in your brain, that what you're eating isn't plant but animal tissue—something red-blooded that walked around before.

The secret for this plant-based burger is including haem, a molecule in hemoglobin that can be found in plants. The haem, according to the WSJ, "interacts with the plant's amino acids and nutrients during the cooking process, to unlock a bouquet of flavours."

All science aside, if it looks like what it does in the picture, I'd definitely eat it. [Sploid]