This Kinetic Ceiling Will Part Like an Upturned Sea For You

By Matt Hill on at

Oil money buys a lot of great art, but here it's inspired as well as financed it. Norwegian design studio Ctrl+N has created this striking installation piece for one of Scandinavian petroleum firm Lundin's many work-cum-exhibition spaces.

Titled Breaking the Surface, the motor-driven acrylic pipes rise and fall in a uniform, drill-like motion, but from above appear to almost undulate like the sea. Allied to floor sensors, the pipes will also rise out of heads' way for any Moses moments anyone may have.

We'll leave you to ponder on the higher meaning of all that with this contemplatively soundtracked video…

This rather thought-provoking use of 3D mapping was achieved with the helping techy hands of architect Kontur, programming engineer Abida and installation engineer Intek. [Design Boom]