This MagLev Hoverboard is Crowdfunding Rides for £60 a Go

By Matt Hill on at

Hill Valley residents had them by 2015, so the fact that US startup Arx Pax reckons it will be shipping hoverboards to the populous by next October means we're reassuringly on schedule with our science-fiction technology needs.

The small catch is the California-born Hendo Hover will cost you $10,000 to own. At £6,100 by current conversions, that's a little way off children riding them in public squares, then, but the project's staggered crowdfunding levels are clever in that they encourage people to rent time, too (a five-minute turn will set you back just over £60, no less).

The boards hover up to 300 pounds of human an inch off the ground using the electromagnetic field tech in MagLev trains, with four discs collaborating to lift you off non-ferromagnetic conducting surfaces. Yeah, that's right, at present you have to provide your own metal floor, hence the special skate ramp in the demo – there will be no gliding down to Tesco just yet.

Arx Pax is having to steer well clear of selling its wares off the back of Back to the Future Part II itself, though, as previous attempted hoverboard concepts have. To quote its Kickstarter page: "Yep, there was a movie. However, our attorneys have told us not to go there. So this is as far as we’ll take it."

Hopefully the masses will take it further – with $230,000 left to raise, where they're going they not only need roads, but wallets. [Arx Pax via Engadget]