This Original Concept Art Reveals the Many Planned Faces of ET

By Matt Hill on at

Film mag Empire is doing a whole lot of Steven Spielberg celebrating this week, to tie in with the Jaws/Schindler's List/Every-decent-childhood-film-you-ever-saw director's new Blu-ray collection. But the real find amongst the many vault recoveries is this original concept art for the 1982 wrinkly-alien-fest ET: The Extra Terrestrial by legendary production designer Ed Verreaux.

If you're not familiar with Verreaux, he trained with animation legend Chuck Jones before working in various capacities on all three Indy flicks, Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Poltergeist and, most recently, Jurassic World (fingers crossed it lives up to that illustrious heritage).

These series of sketches are fascinating, though, created as they were so that the production crew would know exactly what emotions Spielberg wanted to be conveyed by the soon-to-be-iconic $1.5 million puppet's four animatronic heads. How do you reckon they did? [Empire]