This Water-Resistant Goldfish Pouch Looks Wet but Keeps Your Things Dry

By Jordan Kushins on at

As a kid, winning a goldfish in a plastic baggie at the fair was the best possible prize, until they inevitably passed on within a week to that great big glass bowl in the sky. This handy little Tyvek pouch has all the fond memories, none of the deceased aquatic pet.

This thing is small – 10cm per side – so won't be able to hold a whole load of stuff, but hot damn it's adorable. I'm thinking you could tote your keys and some cash if you're going out, or keep it as a coin pouch for a day down the arcades. (Dynomighty calls it a "stash bag," so make of that what you will.)

It's tear-proof and water resistant, so I guess you actually could put a little fishy in there if you wanted. But hey: don't put an actual fishy in there. Each pouch is $8 (£5 excluding delivery to UK). [Dynomighty]