This Week's Best Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows Phone Apps

By Tom Pritchard on at

We're at the stage in the year where so many companies have announced new phones, that rumours for those phones' successors are already starting to pop up. But not Google. Google is just hiding in the shadows concealing the new Nexus from the world acting as if we don't have no idea it's coming. Do you want leaks? Because that's how you get leaks. But while I'm fuming about how I can't decide which phone to buy until they do, let's have a look at the apps from the week gone by.

iPhone Apps

Weather Underground: a weather forecasting service that relies on crowdsourced data, which basically means you get incredibly specific forecasts at a local level. It's been updated for iOS 8, meaning there's now a widget for you to pin to your home screen so you can get weather updates without having to open up the app and wait for it to load. [Free]

ScribbleBoard for iOS 8: If iOS 8 has brought one thing that iPhones have been lacking, it's the option to install a third-party keyboard. We've seen plenty of regular keyboards, and even one for GIFs, but this one is a little different. ScribbleBoard essentially turns your keyboard into a doodlepad for you to send drawings instead of words. It's also compatible with all the major messaging apps, including iMessage, WhatsApp, and Skype. [Free]

Soundproof: A lot of people try to learn songs by ear, listening to the music and trying to mimic it themselves. Soundproof makes that whole process easier by giving you more control over your music's playback. That includes sticking the song on repeat, marking specific sections, and allowing you to jump forwards and backwards in five-second increments. Irritatingly the free version limits your use to 30 minutes a week, if you want unlimited access you're going to have to fork over £1.50. [Free -- with in-app purchases]

Transit App: Public transport is a pain the arse. Despite there being apps to keep track of timetables and the like, they usually don't include everything. Transit app tries to include everything possible in cities across the world. London is currently our only signed-up city, with TfL services and, strangely, the Boris Bikes. It's not just for tracking either, you can also use it to compare travel routes to pick the one that's best for you. [Free]

Billguard: Mobile banking is incredible, you can actually keep track of your finances on-the-go instead of printing a statement or accessing a computer. Now wouldn't it be easier to have all of your accounts in one place instead of two or three different apps? That's what BillGuard is for. That and a bunch of other stuff including showing you your spending habits with graphs, searching the internet for money saving coupons, and helping you save. It's only just been made available here, so you should check it out. [Free]

iPad Apps

London Plaques: If you don't know about the blue plaques then listen up. They are placed all over the country, noting places of historical and cultural significance that you may not notice otherwise – usually former residences of noted people. London, as you might imagine, has plenty of them. About 2,000 to be slightly more precise. The app is an interactive guide to them all, all layered over a map that you can access regardless of whether you're connected to the internet. [£1.99]

Official F1 App: While F1 is on the TV you might want something in front of you to enhance the experience so that you don't have to go searching through the internet. The F1 app will draw up leaderboards, lap times, news, and much more, based on the current season. You can also pay to unlock race-specific content on a seasonal or race-by-race basis. But if you're actually at the race, rather than sitting on your sofa, you can tell the app, and it'll give you specific 'at race' notifications. [Free -- with in-app purchases]

OpenTable UK: Previously known as toptable, OpenTable UK allows you to book yourself a table at over 4,000 restaurants nationwide. It's incredibly simple to use as well, once you've found a restaurant you just specify a date, time, and how many people are coming. Which is great, but the best part is that there's actually a reward system in place which allows you to earn points and redeem them in exchange for thousands of different offers at various restaurants. [Free]

Poker PLAY!: This isn't your bog-standard Poker app, it's actually a puzzle game with a poker theme. A lot of games out there are based on you matching patterns, but they tend to be things like gems that have the same colour or pattern. Poker PLAY! is all about matching up poker hands. You have to match up five cards and get the best hand possible for the best scores. [Free]

The Banner Saga: You may remember this as the game that got the lawyers at King all riled up because they thought people might confuse it for Candy Crush. Despite The Banner Saga being about Vikings, and nothing to do with sweets and prying money out of people's wallets one power-up at a time. This is a tactical RPG where your choices do actually matter. No respawns, no retrys; what you do sticks. It's got customisable characters, epic music, and vikings, so what more could you want? [£6.99]

Android Apps

Heads Up: The thing about notifications is that if your phone is doing something that takes up the entire screen then you might not be able to see the notifications bar. So you have to stop what you're doing to see if it's even worth responding to. Head Up will keep you in the know with a little pop-up to let you know what's going on, and giving you the option to open the notification directly. [Free]

Best App Sale: Always looking for a bargain? Maybe you've had your eye on something for a while and you want to keep track of whether the price goes down or not? Best App Sale is an app that will let you track sales across Google Play, Steam, and the PSN so you know everything that's discounted without having to extensively search for yourself. [Free]

Ready Contact List: An app designed to spruce up your contact list with a visually pleasing design a bundle of new features to help you out. One of those is the ability to see your call history with a person when they call you, useful if you don't have the number saved and they turned out to be a nuisance caller. There are also a number of shortcuts after you hang up, especially useful to add someone to your contacts list quickly. [Free]

Wayfare: A cool way to experience new things in the world using nothing but the power of your phone. Wayfare is designed to give you weekly challenges that will help you explore a little bit more of the world, with a set of photo challenges for you to complete. You an experience places you've always wanted to visit, or places you had no idea even existed, minus the cost of actually going there. [Free]

Waze Social GPS Maps & Traffic: Waze is a crowd-sourced GPS and traffic app that lets people share real-time traffic and road info for the benefit of everyone else using the app. Whether that's reporting traffic accidents, speed traps, or other general hazards. It's had a big update with plenty of juicy features, including the feature to save your parking space so you don't lose your car, and the option to add information to certain places (like if it has a car park or not). [Free]

Windows Phone Apps

Plex: Ah Plex. As long as you keep your media server running on a machine you can access your library of content from anywhere, on multiple devices. The Windows Phone version has just had an update and now supports playlist queues, the option to mark synced content as watch or unwatched, and a 'Watch Later' queue. [£3.49]

Poki: I've talked about Poki before, it's a Windows Phone client for Pocket which allows you to clean up webpages into easy-to-read text as well as downloading them for later use. This is official 'Poki 2' because it has been completely rewritten with a brand-new interface, automatic syncing, offline editing features, better speed, and accounts that restore content across devices. [Free]

Flipboard: This is one of those rare occasional where app devs actually pay attention to Windows Phone and port the app themselves. Flipboard is a personalised magazine that's devoted to bringing you news and reading from across the web. Just tell it what categories you want to pay attention to and it'll do the rest for you. [Free]

Shazam: We all know what Shazam is, so why has it been included in this list? It's not new, after all. That's true because Shazam is, in fact, rather old. What is new is the compatibility with Cortana, which allows you to Shazam songs through the Windows Phone virtual assistant. The real question is whether she will accept those commands in Klingon or not. [Free]

Coach's Eye: If you're some sort of sports-person you might not be able to afford a coach to constantly be checking your technique. Well now that invaluable advice a coach can provide can be given by Coach's Eye, which monitors what you're doing and evaluate your performance. Whether it's your golf swing, corner skills, or possibly a tennis serve, this one is there to help you improve. Plus you can play back the video yourself and look for yourself. [£1.49]