This Week's Best Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows Phone Apps

By Tom Pritchard on at

Buying a new phone generally isn't cheap, but what some people may not realise is its far more than the cost of the handset. New phone = new case, and maybe a new screen protector. Oh and it has magnetic charging, so it's a good idea to buy an adaptor. Oh and 16 GB internal storage? That's not good enough, better buy an SD card. But now there is so much more room for activities, and by activities I mean apps.

iPhone Apps

Clips: Copy and pasting is a little bit tricky with a touchscreen, which is why you need something like Clips. Clips lets you select part of the screen from any app or screen within your phone. There's also a widget where everything is stored where you can back up your copied items to the cloud. [Free]

Forza Football: An app designed to make it easy to keep up with your favourite football teams across the world, Forza Football has just had an update to integrate with iOS 8. Now there's a widget for you to see the updates for your favourite teams from that day, so you don't need to go delving into the app itself to keep up. [Free]

The Week UK: An app designed to bring you a handpicked selection of the week's news from over 200 sources, The Week UK bills itself as being for the curious minds that want an independent and intelligent view of the world around them. The new app has been optimised for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, along with a brand-new simple-to-use interface and a daily briefing widget to keep you in the loop. [Free -- with subscription]

Paste+: A widget designed to replace your phone's regular clipboard with something a lot more powerful and useful. With Paste+ you can copy text and images from anywhere, and then from the widget you can quick-launch any number of apps to do something useful with what you have. It's still one item at a time, which is a shame, but it sure as hell beats all that messy navigation and not being able to see what you actually copied. [£2.49]

ASAP54: A great way to go out and shop for the latest fashions, ASAP54 is a way to find where to buy things without having to do much in the way of research. See something you like? The app will let you find it, or something similar, using a combination or photos, hashtags, and keywords. [Free]

iPad Apps

Drafts 4: A great place for you to draft up your text before you send it off into a different app. Most apps aren't designed for dealing with large amounts of text, so if you do it in Drafts you can see it all in an optimised display to proofread and check it out closely before you publish it on your desired platform. It also makes for a great note-taking app if you fancy jazzing them up more than a normal app will allow for. [£2.99]

Instapaper: Instapaper is an app designed to let you save web-based articles in a clean, crisp format for later reading, even if there's no internet connection. This new version allows you to save articles to Evernote, has improved text-to-speech functionality, and better article sharing. [Free -- with in-app purchases]

Great Global Chefs - Recipes: An app created in collaboration with 20 chefs from some of the best hotels from around the world. There are 75 recipes from boutique hotels all over the world, and they aren't the usual stuff you find in recipe apps either: in here you'll find recipes for Kangaroo, frog's legs, lobster jelly, and more. [Free]

Eurosport: The official app for the Eurosport designed to help you keep up-to-date with your favourite sports, with live text and audio commentary on what's happening. This version includes a new customisable home menu, so you don't have to scroll through stuff you don't care about, and cross-device synchronisation. [Free]

Hyperspherical: The object of this game is quite simple, you place the rotating circles onto your screen and you have to make sure they don't crash into each other. There are 100 different levels to play through, each one with its own puzzle to figure out. You may end up hating it by the end, however. [Free]

Android Apps

Skype Qik: Skype, for the three people in the world who don't know, is that video-chatting software beloved because it works well. The folks over at Skype HQ decided they wanted something fresh, a way to send short videos to multiple people without much hassle, which is where Skype Qik comes in. It's a Snapchat-esqueapp that lets you set up conversations with multiple people and you communicate by sending each other video clips. [Free]

Squawkin: A communications platform that aims to put you in control in a way that's not been possible before. Squawkin combines audio, photos, and text to create a real-time messenger that lets you communicate with an audience of any size. It also includes a set of privacy controls to secure your data, so much so that you can even delete things you've already sent. [Free]

Firefox Browser: Mozilla's own browser on your mobile has just had an update. Now you can send video to both Chromecast and Roku, the option to open recently closed tabs, quick tab switching, and the option to clear all your data when you close the app. [Free]

Snowball Beta: Messenger apps are all the rage, yet we still always tend to use the same one or two. Snowball isn't another messenger that none of your friends are using, rather it's a hub to use all your messenger apps. One inbox, that's only one tap away from everywhere in your phone. Cool eh? [Free]

BrainWave (Beta): Tired of actually have to press buttons to change tracks on your phone? Well BrainWave will let you control your music using gestures. No smudgy screens for you! It's compatible with a number of popular music players like Spotify, Google Music Player, and more. [Free]

Windows Phone Apps

Weather Flow: A weather app tailored for Windows 8.1 that's designed to let you customise everything, right down to the interface. It's just been updated with a brand-new interface design, support for multiple weather services, and a custom lock screen so you can get your weather updates nice and quickly. [£1.49]

Straw: A social polling app designed for you to gather opinions and thoughts from people you know. So whether you can't decide which pub to go to, or which shirt suits you best, you can use Straw. Plus you can get responses in real-time, so you're not left waiting for an unnecessary amount of time. [Free]

Truecaller: When an unknown number calls you know have time to figure out who it is, and if it's a nuisance caller you've got the hassle of dealing with it. Truecaller is an automatic caller ID system that shows you who is calling, and what they might want. It's simple to use, and you can go ahead and block spam there and then. [Free]

LockAgenda: Want a quick way to know what's next on your schedule without having to delve into the interior of your phone? LockAgenda is designed to show your next appointment on your lock screen so you can see what's coming up at a glance. It automatically updates every half an hour as well, so you don't have to worry about keeping appointments. [£1.29]

Lumia Storyteller: This one is a little bit like a journalling app, but doesn't have any of the written elements. What Storyteller does is groups all your photos and videos into stories that are organised on a timeline. There's also better offline map support with this version, so you get the full experience without the need for a mobile connection. [Free]