This Week's Best Android, iPhone, iPad, and Windows Phone Apps

By Tom Pritchard on at

They say that there is an app for everything, but is there an app that means we don't have to exercise? I think not, which is a shame because exercise sucks. They say that technology is designed to make our lives easier, but we still need to pay for a gym membership and pretend to feel guilty when we don't go. Until that time, we have many other apps to look at. Enjoy!

iPhone Apps

Olocode: Something that hasn't really caught up with the digital/smartphone age is sharing business information in person. Olocode is a digital business card: just hand over your Olocode ID and another person can enter you into their contacts. Best of all any changes to your Olocode info will be reflected for everyone you've shared with, unlike the pulped-tree variety. Plus it can scan and store physical cards. [Free]

Zomato: An app that lets you search for restaurants and other places to eat. Zomato has been around for a while now, but now that iOS 8 has come along it's had an update: the design has been overhauled making it run much faster, it now lets you pull photos from your gallery (iOS 8 only) and new labelling functionality so you can identify expert reviews. [Free]

M&S: There isn't much to this one, it's the official M&S app that gives you access to the shop's online catalogue of food, clothing, home wares and more. It's now optimised for use with iOS 8 meaning it's better suited for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, and runs a lot faster than before. Plus the app remembers where you were in the menu so if you click away you won't waste time faffing about trying to find what you were looking at before. [Free]

DICE: This is one for finding gigs in and around London and getting tickets with minimal fuss. The folks behind the app handpick the gigs they offer, and while it might not seem that different from other ticket-booking apps the clincher is that they don't charge booking fees that hike up the price of your evening out. It also personalises the more you use it, and all your tickets are stored as QR codes in the app. [Free]

Collin's English Dictionary: Sometimes you want to look up a spelling of a word. Sometimes the internet is down, or Google insists on giving you the Americanised spelling with all the Zs and curiously absent Us: you need a good dictionary app. Enter Collins, with a dictionary that contains over 722,000 English words and phrases as well as anagrams and a lot more. All for the low, low price of [£4.99]

iPad Apps

Pokémon Camp: Need something to tide you over until the remakes of Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire come out? Well you should give Pokémon Camp a try. The app allows you to explore an island filled with fun Pokémon-based activities. Completing activities earns you stickers and pins which can be stored in a log book, or used to decorate your own photos. [Free]

Flickr: Yahoo's own photo sharing/storage service has finally made it to the iPad at long last. Not just that but it also integrates itself with the iOS 8 share extension, access to photo details to edit, and a unified search across all your photos and albums. [Free]

Toca Boo: A game designed for kids in which you take on the role of a young girl called Bonnie on her quest to scare all her relatives in her house. You have to explore two floors with six rooms to find your six family members and get the biggest scares possible. It's open-ended with no real rules, and an incalculable number of ways to scare everyone. Plus, it's all kid-friendly and has no pesky in-app purchases. [£1.99]

ASOS: This one is designed to help you shop for the latest fashions on the go. ASOS has over 850 brands and thanks to some updates it's been optimised for iOS 8, has a brand new widget, and if you have a relevant device you can purchase things with TouchID. [Free]

Togethera: An app that's designed to let you share photos, updates, and videos with family members in a secure environment. Now it's got the option to see your photos in grid format; albums with your photo archives; and sharing via Facebook, Twitter, and SMS. [Free]

Android Apps

RingSmart: Whatever your phone's ringtone preference, silent or loud, sometimes our location dictates what option we must use (like needing it to be silent at the cinema). By using RingSmart you can set your phone's ringer to adjust automatically depending on your location and time of day, saving you the hassle of remembering to do it yourself. [Free]

KUMPL: Feel like being sociable but don't want to have to ring around to see who's available? Well KUMPL is an app that essentially works as a booking system for you and your friends. Everyone has a basic schedule of when they're able to meet, so you can see who is available when at the push of a button. A fantastic thing to try out if you all have fairly hectic schedules. [Free]

Rishi Spot: Rishi Spot is a crowd-powered service to help battle dangerous drivers on the road. It can be used to report traffic violations that will be directed to the local law enforcement: simply take a picture or record a video and it'll be sent along with the GPS data and time. Just don't use it if you're driving, mmkay? [Free]

Fotoswipe: Remember a few years ago when bumping iPhones together was a novel way to share content? This is a bit like that, except it's multi-platform. Fotoswipe lets you share photos by swiping them across to each other. You can select up to ten photos to send each time, and they can be sent to any smart device that has the app installed. Of course 'any smart device' does not include Windows Phone because the app isn't available there. [Free]

Google Play Music: If you have a relatively recent Android phone there's a very good chance this will be one of those annoying pre-installed Google apps that you can't get rid of. Well now the app has had a design overhaul, most likely to tie in with the release of Android Lollipop, and a bunch of other bits and pieces. Recommendations have been improved, new landing pages allow you to read album and playlists descriptions, and if you have an All Access subscription you can search for radio stations that will play music to match a specific mood or activity. [Free -- with optional subscription]

Windows Phone Apps

Tesco Mobile: The official app for Tesco Mobile, which has finally come to Windows Phone. With it you can check your current phone status such as how many minutes you have left, what recent charges you've accumulated, and the options to manage your current bundle. [Free]

PhotoMath: Calculators are fantastic because they've pretty much negated the need to work out minor mathematical problems in our head. Don't you wish you had something suitable for more complex things, though? PhotoMath is just that, functioning as a calculator-like device that can solve equations using your phone's camera. Just snap a picture and let it do it's work. [Free]

View: You may have heard of Behance, an app for creative types to find and collect pieces of creative work from all over the world. It's one of those apps that has yet to officially make it to Windows Phone, which is why View is here. View is a third-party client that gives you access to the service and do anything you would do if you were using an official app, whether that's finding work or adding your own. [Free]

Skype: Ever-popular video-chatting tool Skype has had an exclusive update for Windows Phone. You can now draw your own pictures in-chat and send them off to the person on the other end of the line. It's certainly a small update but who doesn't love drawing low quality images for kicks? [Free]