Three and TalkTalk Want to Make it Easier to Switch Networks

By Gerald Lynch on at

If ever you've tried to jump ship from a particularly bad mobile deal, you'll know it's not an easy process. Networks are all too keen to dangle extra data, more minutes or discount add-on devices under your nose as an incentive to stay, but getting hold of the PAC code (the "portability access code" that you need if you want to keep your old number on a new network) is like jumping through a circus contortionist's tiny hoops. It's painful, and time consuming.

An unlikely alliance between Three and TalkTalk is looking to shake this industry standard up. The two sent an open letter to Ofcom (signed by Three's Dave Dyson, TalkTalk's Dido Harding, Chris Pateman of the Federation of Communications Services and Sarah Willingham of, asking it to make new rules that would make getting the PAC code take just a matter of minutes, and shift much of the donkey work of transitioning from one mobile contract to another to the customer's future network.

For Three and TalkTalk, they believe that many customers are made so confused and intimidated by pushy sales people trying to retain contracts that they're pulling out of jumps to their networks. So there's a mercenary angle for Three and TalkTalk. But if the process was simplified, perhaps networks wouldn't see the need to hold back their best deals until they're on the verge of losing a customer. [The Register]

Image Credit: A very angry, annoyed and frustrated woman from Shutterstock