Today's Dealz: Dell Ultrabook, Pentax Camera, Lightsaber Umbrella and Many More

By Mof Gimmers on at

Want a gadget that is like a Transformer robot that can act like a tablet, as well as a laptop and generally be all swish and fancy? Well, thankfully, there's people making such things!

One of them is the marvellous Dell XPS 11 2-in-1 Ultrabook, which there just so happens to be a deal on! Starting at £351.90 (free delivery) with 15 per cent off code, you can get your mitts on one today! Have a look here.


Don't trundle through life taking mediocre pictures on your smartphone. Real cameras show their worth with the control you can have over your pictures and, as with this Pentax, the ability to change lenses. This model is a 12 MP shooter, can record Full HD video and has a three-inch screen. Best of all? It's on sale at £134.99 – RRP £380!

Well here's something awesome: an umbrella fashioned in the style of a lightsaber! Think of the looks of awe (definitely awe, not derision) you'll get strutting down the high street on a rainy day brandishing this baby. It's really well-priced at the moment: yours for just £12.49. RRP £24.99.

You're either going to buy this Blu-ray box set because you haven't seen the series and seriously need to catch up with one of the best TV shows of a generation, or you have seen them all and need to cement onto your shelves one of the best TV shows of a generation. Either way, you can pick it up for £55.00.

This product will likely go right over your head if you haven't seen Cast Away. If you have seen it, though, all I need say is 'WIIIIIILLLLLSOOOOON'. Get a replica of the famous beach volleyball so beloved by Tom Hanks's character, for just £7.50.

Another one for the 'generation-defining' category of TV series is of course The Sopranos, which seems all the more special now that James Gandolfini is no longer with us. Revisit, or visit for the first time, the brilliant six-season collection on DVD, boxed up for your viewing pleasure, for only £36.40.


- Lego City advent calendar for £15
- Lenovo N20p Multimode Touchscreen chromebook in grey, for £199.99
- Logitech G100 optical laser gaming mouse in black/red for £9.99
- Sony DSCH400 digital camera in black for £169.99
- Planet of the Apes: Evolution collection (Blu-ray) for £16.50
- Samsung 40-inch Full HD Freeview HD Smart LED TV for £329.00
- Asus 23-inch Full HD IPS LED Monitor for £119.99
- Lego Star Wars: Savage alarm clock for £10
- Logitech G27 racing wheel for £169.99 (plus free Power Shell controller)
- Game of Thrones:  Season 1-3 (Blu-ray) for £42
- Lenovo A10 10.1-inch Tablet 16GB for £149.99
- Beyond Two Souls PS3, with delivery, for £9.98
- SimCity CD Key download (PC) for £6.99
- Free Netflix for six months with Virgin Media
- USB to Micro USB Cable (1.8m) for 97p
- Madonna True Blue album for 99p
- Asus 23-inch Full HD IPS LED Monitor for £99
- Mad Max trilogy (Blu-ray) for £8.60
- Minecraft (PS4), with delivery, for £9.99
- Back to the Future trilogy (Blu-ray + UV copy), with delivery, for £8.10

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