Trouser Makers Consider Redesigning the Pocket to Cope With Today's Massive Phones

By Gary Cutlack on at

The iPhone 6 Plus may go down in history as the turning point in trouser pocket sizes, with several fashion brands saying they're looking at making the standard pocket larger now everyone's carrying a phone the size of a roof slate around with them.

According to Quartz, mainstream fashion brand Uniqlo is having "conversations" with itself regarding future pocket sizes, while Mashable says Lee Jeans is considering altering pocket sizes, with the likes of American Eagle and Levi's also well aware that lugging a (mostly) inflexible phone around is becoming something of a challenge in this age of five-inch monsters.

Perhaps there will soon be trousers and trousers plus for phablet fans. [Quartz via Mashable]

Image credit: Trouser pocket from Shutterstock