Tuesday Saw UK Wind Farms Generate More Energy Than Nuclear

By Tom Pritchard on at

Wind farms are a controversial topic, there's no denying that. That being said there is some evidence that there is the potential to generate a significant amount of energy from the wind, because on Tuesday the amount of energy generated by the UK's wind farms actually exceeded that generated by our nuclear industry.

Now before everyone gets a bit angsty about that situation, this isn't heralding a new age where wind power is so great we have to shut down all our fission reactors. Despite the fact that wind power generated 14.2 per cent of energy produced, compared to nuclear's 13.2 per cent, it all happened due to abnormally high winds and a number of faults in nuclear stations that affected their output. In fact eight of the UK's 15 nuclear stations happened to be offline at the time.

Last Saturday also saw a record amount of energy produced by wind power. According to the national grid the total was 6,372 MW,  which was enough to satisfy 20% of the UK's electrical demand at the time. Being the weekend it mean't the demand wasn't that high, but an accomplishment is an accomplishment.

So despite the controversy it does appear that wind power is working to an extent, even if some of the factors involved are completely out of our hands. But despite the 'triumph' over nuclear energy, I wouldn't expect wind to be replacing any traditional methods of energy production anytime soon. [BBC News]

Featured image by Tom Pritchard