Two More Samsung Phones You Shouldn't (and Can't) Buy

By Chris Mills on at

The latest things to dance out of Samsung's hyperactive R&D department are the A5 and A3, a pair of all-metal, super-thin phones aimed at teenagers. However, they're also "optimised for social networking" and feature a "5 MP camera for unmatched selfies", which probably mean that they'll be shit.

On the face of it, the A5 and A3 actually look decent: all-metal construction, decently thin (6.7mm and 6.9mm, respectively), and specs that are pretty good, without being unnecessarily over-the-top: 5-inch 720p screen for the A5, 4.5-inch qHD for the A3, with a 1.2GHz processor and 4G featured in both. Hopefully, that should all make for speedy guts, with a small price tag attached.

Unfortunately, every phone marketed as being 'optimised for social media', or toting some other such teenager-focused feature, has been an abject failure: remember the HTC First, or the Microsoft Kin? No? There's a reason for that: social media is great in very small doses, but not when it totally dominates your smartphone.

If that wasn't enough reason to avoid Samsung's latest offerings, there's also the fact that they ship with a dedicated selfie camera, and multiple selfie modes. Dear god, no.

Mercifully, the press release only mentions a November 2014 debut in China and other 'select markets', which means that the UK might be spared this particular plague. [Samsung via Engadget]